Digital Marketing Strategy For Events By Marnille

Proposal presented by: Dino Latoga

Hi Pet,

I’m really glad you reached out and talk to me about your need to get more leads and clients for your Events Planning Business. I am optimistic we can gradually achieve your goal by consistently generating leads that convert into paying clients given the right digital marketing strategy.

  • Based on our conversation, you mentioned:
  • You want to focus more on getting clients for wedding events.
  • Your problem of getting inquiries but they’re not converting.
  • Most of your past paying clients are OFWs and people who live in cities and urban places.
  • You wanted to increase your events planning business’ online visibility.
  • And lastly, you want at least 4 clients per month from organic traffic.

Let me go straight to the meat…

In order to solve what you mentioned above, we’re going to build your online presence to target your potential clients online. Below, I have outlined a specific plan to kick things off in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Campaign Focus

The main focus of this campaign is to establish your business online. From there, we’ll be able to generate organic leads and attract potential clients that would want to book a consultation with you. And the best way to achieve this is to build a home base which is your business website and optimize it for local search engine results and at the same time do online marketing campaigns that can help you touch base directly with your target market without spending a dime on ads.

Phase 1 - Market Research and Create Customer Avatar

Market Research is an important first step before any serious marketing message. The goal of this is to know your target market and where they usually hang out. It also allows us to learn about their behaviors and understand more of their needs. This will give us an idea on the content and copy that would be most attractive to them. Having a focused plan is key to getting the most out of your social media posting efforts, and identifying the target market for your services is the first step we should take.

Phase 2 - Website, Local SEO and Social Media Accounts Optimization

Website. Your website serves as that home base where you can send customers when they want to make a booking or learn more about the services you offer. You don’t only sell your products and services online, you can also provide consumers with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Effectively, the content that’s on your site serves as an additional sales person, helping customers get the information they need and convincing them of the benefits of your products or services. Because you wanted to focus more on wedding events, we’ll make the website showcase more of your successful wedding event photos and videos. Though we’ll use Facebook and Instagram to reach and engage with your audience, you have to have a place to send them to when they want to book a consultation and learn more about your business. Blog. This will be a section on the website where we’ll be posting articles that answers your potential customers common questions. This will help your new website rank up in search engines and build authority to your specific market. Local SEO. As a business with a physical location, it’s highly important that people searching in Google would be able to see you in the Google Maps. This will help build brand awareness and establish better brand identity. We’ll also build citations so that you’ll have more visibility online and it will improve your local rankings, meaning more traffic and sales. Facebook Page and Instagram. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. From here, I’ll help you optimize your Facebook Business Page to make it easier for people to discover and interact with your business online. It will help you gain exposure to potential clients. It’s important to create a good visual first impression, so I’ll optimize the page based on your business profile. Most importantly, positive client reviews and recommendations on your Facebook Page can contribute to the success and image of your business.

Phase 3 - Set-up and Schedule Facebook and Instagram Posts

Since the SEO approach takes at least 6 months to get results especially in fresh websites, there will be a void time where the website will not get the targeted traffic that it needs. We will fill that gap by driving traffic to your website through regular social media posts.

Phase 4 - Monitoring and Optimization

We’ll be monitoring the performance of our social media posts as far as website traffic and engagement are concerned noting which ones are doing well and where we can improve on. We can then look into scaling the best ones in the future, as desired. We’ll also optimize the performance of your website and do some tweaks after reviewing the analysis.

Additional Recommendations

I like to present flexible options to my clients so they can choose the right options for their business. These optional services will give your business the extra recognition in the marketplace that you deserve.

Introduction and Social Media Video

Production of a video that will introduce your company and services. Since vitamin infusion is new to the Wichita Aera I believe that video will be an important tool to get your message out. The introduction video will be approximately 2 minutes long. Shorter segments will be edited for social media.

Monthly Social Media & Ad Management

Sit back and relax while your social media is on autopilot! I'll manage your social media channels pushing out content using automated software. I will also reply to comments as needed. I will also manage your online ads on a weekly basis. Includes 4x weekly posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


As soon as the upfront fee is settled, here’s what the next 30 days of work will look like:

Estimated Timeline:

Market Research and Analysis, Setup GMB
1 week
Web Design and Branding Mockups
1 week
Facebook and Instagram Optimization
1 week
Web Development
1-2 weeks


Includes everything outlined in the strategy + 15% commision for every 4 booked clients I give you through the website Php4997 monthly fee after 6 months when your business website has been established Note: Both options require an upfront fee of Php5000 to be able to secure your domain name and hosting for 1 year and kickstart the project


Total: $0

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