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With great spacing, balanced columns and good font choice, Una gives your blog a neat, organized and readable look. So what are you waiting for? Stop the theme hunt and download Una and make your blogging rise again.


Una is my very first free public release WordPress theme. It has 2 columns divided with the guide of the divine proportion. The front page shows the latest post with it’s accompanying large graphic image which helps attract readers more than the usual large text titles. Below the latest post is a list of the 3 other recent posts with each post accompanied by a nice thumbnail image. Each section title is supported by a nice subtitle. The comments and trackbacks are divided to produce a clean and organized look. This theme was inspired by a lot of great blogs out there like Web Designer Wall, Matt Brett, Avalonstar and 5 Thirty One to mention a few.

This theme is a little advanced for beginner bloggers but it doesn’t mean they can’t use it. Before you download and install this theme, you might wanna get into the details below to see and know what you’re getting.


January 14, 2009. You can now download Una on Google Code Project Hosting. You may also report issues thru Google Code Issue tracker.

October 06, 2008. The theme has just won the best free custom theme on the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards. Thanks to the judges who voted for it. I’m really super busy right now but once I’m done with the projects that I have on hand I’ll be updating this theme and fix some bugs and add more features like admin options menu. Thanks to all you folks who have downloaded it!

September 09, 2008. The theme is now Widget ready! For those of you who have downloaded and installed the first release, you may download the latest version and just overwrite the files.

July 07, 2008. The first public release of Una.

Demo and Download

The live demo for this theme is used in this blog. What you see here is powered by Una.

The theme is tested on WordPress 2.5 and WordPress 2.5.1. I haven’t tested it yet on lower versions of WordPress and I’m not planning to. If you want this theme then you better use the latest and safest WordPress package that runs linux hosting, PHP and of course stable fork of MySQL.

The theme uses valid XHTML and CSS so please use valid mark-up in your content.

Download Una on Google Code Repository

You may report any issues you may find on the Google Code issue tracker.

The first Una WordPress theme screenshot ever taken

Una WordPress Theme screenshot


Before you activate this theme, there are a few things you must prepare for.

Mother Set-up
  • Go to Settings > Miscellaneous and enter these values for the Thumbnail size. width=195, height=155. And make sure the “Crop thumbnail…” is checked
Required WordPress plugins
  • Download the Twitter Tools Plugin. Install and activate. Configure your settings like the image below.

    Configuring the twitter tools settings the Una way

    Twitter Tools Settings

  • Download the Advanced Excerpt Plugin. Install and activate. Go to the settings and set the Excerpt length to 25 and uncheck the img

The above plugins are not really required to make the theme work, however, if you want to optimize the output or the look of this theme, you must install these plugins.

Setting up your avatar
  • Create a 36px by 36px avatar image, save it as avatar.jpg and upload it to wp-content/themes/una/images/

You can now skip this part. Una will automatically fetch your avatar image from Gravatar. If you don’t have a gravatar, the default gravatar will show up.

Setting up twitter on your sidebar
  • Open sidebar.php and modify line 5. Change the value of the username to your twitter username

Thanks to Efren for the tip. This one will work automatically now. It will fetch your username from the Twitter Tools settings.

Setting up the footer about info
  • Open footer.php and change line 8 to your own self introduction text
Setting up the accompanying image for eash post

This step is optional. The theme will work with or without this one. That’s how flexible and user friendly it is. If you have no image for the post, that’s ok. The theme will run smoothly.

  • Create a 580px by 215px image. This will serve as the main image on the main page. While on the Write Post page upload the image using the Add Image button.
  • After the image has been uploaded, right click on the thumbnail (in Firefox Browser) and choose Copy Image Location.
  • Close the media window and expand the Custom Fields panel. Enter a new key titled post-thumb and paste the image location under the corresponding value.
  • Get the direct URL for the original image. Enter a new key titled post-image and enter the direct URL of the image under the corresponding value.

About & Licensing

This theme is absolutely free for the taking. All I’m asking is the footer credits to remain in tact. I request that any distribution of the Una theme out of this website be notified to the author.

Bugs and Known Issues

  • Sidebar Widgets is not supported
  • Non-transparent comment icons
  • Footer not sticking at the bottom

To Do

  • Add the caption style for WordPress 2.6
  • Add a reply button to the comments

Theme Updates

July 26, 2008
  • The theme is now widget ready.
July 07, 2008
  • Updated sidebar.php and footer.php so that you don’t have to manually upload your avatar for it to show up.
  • Updated sidebar.php so that you don’t have to open the sidebar.pohp file and get your hands dirty. The twitter username will be automatically fetched from the Twitter Tools settings.
  • Fixed a few bugs

If you have downloaded the theme and you find any bugs please report it by using the comments section below. I would also love to hear your suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. mae
    July 4th, 2008
    at 11:59 pm

    wow this looks great! lovin it! :)

  2. dino
    July 5th, 2008
    at 1:18 am

    Thanks mae.

  3. darwin v.
    July 5th, 2008
    at 8:51 am

    the page is so relaxing to the eyes because of the color. keep up the good work pre. im also looking forward to stylemo v2. :)

  4. Joni
    July 7th, 2008
    at 3:30 pm

    lupet! idol talaga kita. :p

  5. Excellent new theme. Thank you for adding it to my site.

  6. Love the theme, but unfortunately I can’t use it really until it’s widget ready. Looking forward to the update!

  7. A great theme – nice, clean design!

  8. waiting for it to be widget-ready, many few people will use a non widget-ready theme.

  9. very nice theme, i tried recently migrating to a wordpress.org blog and maybe il try this out when its widget ready.. =)

  10. dino
    July 21st, 2008
    at 10:21 pm

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Been very busy with the past few days, I haven’t posted an update. But I have updated the theme and had it made Widget Ready. I’m just fixing a few minor bugs and cleaning up the code. I hope I’m gonna be able to upload it tomorrow.

  11. I hope you can also provide the plain XHTML file for this layout because I want to try to integrate this layout with cakephp.

  12. dino
    July 26th, 2008
    at 8:02 pm

    @phpcurious: On Firefox, right click and choose View Page Source… tada, plain XHTML. :D

  13. I just downloaded the update…and am unable to view my widgets. I still just see categories, recent comments, tags, and recent posts – not the four widgets I added to the sidebar.

    I completed deleted the old theme, and reinstalled the new one.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  14. dino
    July 30th, 2008
    at 9:26 am

    @Stacy. That sounds weird. Are you sure you have overwritten the old theme files? Please try to overwrite the theme again. Delete the old theme folder then install the new one. If it still doesn’t work, I’m here to offer you a free service of configuring your theme.

  15. Josh
    August 4th, 2008
    at 12:43 pm

    love the design… gave props on my site footer… i built my portfolio using the basic architecture of the Una theme with a few minor and major alterations…

    Congrats on your first theme.

  16. Thanks so much Josh! I love the alterations that you made on your website. I also dig some of your work like the retro trees. I’m really happy that someone found my little project very useful. Again, thanks Josh!

  17. Jessica
    August 7th, 2008
    at 11:58 pm


    Your theme is cool. One glitch I noticed was in Firefox on an Ubuntu OS where the “Search” button isn’t beside the search bar, it gets placed below the search bar.

    I’m not sure if there are any other glitches, but that is what stood out.

  18. @Jessica: Thanks for the info. It’s not actually a glitch but an incompatibility thing. Different browsers display form elements differently. I guess I will have to fix that. Again, thank you Jessica!

  19. Chad
    August 16th, 2008
    at 10:00 am

    Dino, great theme. Is it possible to have a “featured” post setup so that on the main page a post that is most significant (not necessarily most recent) at the moment is the one that gets displayed under “home about subscribe”, and the recent posts just get posted under “my recent posts”?

    Also, it’d be cool if you could have a “reply” tag in your comments so people can reply to others comments and the person who’s comment gets replied gets notified of the reply.

    just some thoughts

  20. @Chard: Thanks for the cool suggestions. Yeah there is a way to make the main post on the front page become a featured post. I can help you out with that if you want. Just hit me back if you are interested in pimping the Una theme for you.

  21. Love the design! Really suits my style. I’m still wanting to tweak a few things, but over all not much to alter! Great job!

  22. I think the archives should show a thumbnail of the image from the post.

  23. lj
    August 30th, 2008
    at 12:27 pm

    loving ur theme. great job!

  24. @lj: Thanks! I love the customizations you did on your website.

  25. I have Una going on over at my blog. I like your color selection but didn’t feel it was overly representative of me or my tastes so I had to modify them.

    I hope you approve. Later!

  26. @V: Thanks for using Una. Your customizations really turned out great. I’m cooking something for Una,like I’m gonna release it in a variety of colors. More like of Una Theme sub-themes. Thanks!

  27. Very nice theme, i would like to use this on my blog, but the download link does not work?

    Hope you fix this soon =)

  28. @Kim Korte: Thanks for pointing it out Kim. I don’t know what happened but the last time I checked it was working. Fixed it now.

  29. Very handsome. thanks you!

  30. The accompanying image ain’t showing up for me. Does it work for both pages and posts? I have added the custom fields with working image URLs, but I don’t see the image anywhere…

  31. Ok, I see that after setting the image that the thumbnail shows up in searches and on the category page. Does the 580×215 image show anywhere?

  32. Hi Eoin,

    The 580 by 215 image only shows up on the front page when it becomes the latest post. But you can manually insert the image inside the post if you want it to show with your entries.

    Thanks and happy blogging!

  33. Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll just put the image in the post using the visual editor.

  34. Hi!
    Having the same problem as kim korte, the download link reloads this page (http://dinolatoga.com/2008/07/04/una-wordpress-theme/) where can i find a zip file?
    Looking forward to using this very well designed theme.

    Hans g

  35. Hi Dino!
    Having the same problem as kim korte, the download link reloads this page (http://dinolatoga.com/2008/07/04/una-wordpress-theme/) where can i find a zip file?
    Looking forward to using this very well designed theme.

    Hans g

  36. Hi Hans,

    I’ve just tested the link now and it actually works. I’m using a plugin called download manager to manage my downloads. Maybe it’s not working properly.

    You can download the theme directly here: http://dinolatoga.com/wp-content/uploads/una_latest.zip


  37. Hi Dino
    Wow! quick response, thanks!
    Did test again for succesful download, but no luck, i’m on a mac tried both safari and firefox. the link url only reloads the page. So the zip file was my ticket, downloaded and uploaded, I’ll post when going public:-)
    Hans g

  38. CONGRATULATIONS from the TechScribe!

  39. hello dino,
    i loved your una theme and decided to use it in my blog. i have changed color scheme and some other details. you can check it on my blog: http://bet3.baturalptorun.com

  40. This theme looks great, i wish it gets updated for WP 2.6 and 2.7..

    teka, pinoy k b?

  41. @baturalp: Great. Your site is looking great. I would appreciate it if you’d place a simple link back to this page. :)

    @Popular Technology: Actually this theme is compatible with the latest versions. I’m using it on stylemo.com and it’s on 2.6.2. And, yup pinoy ako.

  42. hi dino,
    i have already placed a link to your web site on about page: http://bet3.baturalptorun.com/about/
    you can see it under “tema” subject.

  43. this looks Great. I`m translate in German.
    Your theme is cool. Thank you!

  44. question:

    Is your Una-Theme WP 2.7 “comments.php” compatible ?.

    Please answer.

  45. I recommend to subscribe to RSS place in a conspicuous place! Readers will be more! Especially at a blog, how are you! Tested – a 30% increased the number of subscribers!

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    November 18th, 2008
    at 11:21 am

    i want to share my free wordpress theme here.



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  49. Is this theme not currently available for download? It’s really nice I’d like to test it out.

  50. Hi Dino,

    You worked my last web template for individual sole and everything has been working great until a couple of days ago. Could I pay you to take a look at my site? The flash plug ins seem to stop working. Let me know and Merry Christmas.

  51. Cool! Mabuhay ka kabayan!!! wohoooooooooo!

  52. Thanks for the awesome template! I spent two days make mods that can bee seen here.




  53. Thanks I made some changes to your great template on my new blog.



  54. Hi,

    congratulations for the great theme ^^

    We´ve made a little change, so the home picture can also appear on the single post:

    <div class=”post” id=”post-“>
    ID, ‘post-image’, true); ?>

    <a href=”” rel=”bookmark” title=”Link permanente para “><img src=”” alt=”post image” title=””/>

    Publicado em em

    <?php the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry »’); ?>

    Páginas: ‘, ‘after’ => ”, ‘next_or_number’ => ‘number’)); ?>
    <?php the_tags( ‘Tags: ‘, ‘, ‘, ”); ?>
    <?php edit_post_link(‘Edite este artigo.’,”,”); ?>

    Ops, não há artigos com este critério.

    is_single = true; ?>

  55. ops, the code goes wrong here. If you want to see it, please write to our e-mail.

  56. Gwyn
    January 7th, 2009
    at 8:38 pm

    Hi! Good day! Congrats for winning the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards.

    I am Gwyn, a student from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. I, together with my partner, Roxanne Flora, is writing a thesis on blogging ethics.

    We chose the winners of the 2008 PBA as the respondents for our thesis. Can we ask for your help by being one of the online interviewees? We hope to hear from you soon.Thank you so much.


    Gwyn Ann Ebol

  57. Great theme.

    We had to fix quickly a blog for the National Film Board of Canada and we picked Una.

    You might be interested to see the variation we did.


    Thanks for sharing this great design

  58. Точноя раньше тоже так думал… Сейчас переосмыслил

  59. This comment is automaticlly submitted by WpSender2.1 Soft.
    $20 per copy. My email is 12515842@qq.com

  60. Great theme pare. Very well spaced, and good choices of font sizing.

    Looking forward to hacking the heck out of it. :D

  61. Let me know if you find something that works. I need something like this for another project.

  62. Alexwebmaster
    March 3rd, 2009
    at 4:43 pm

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here preonrelt@mail.ru

  63. John
    March 4th, 2009
    at 12:17 pm

    Great theme, I have made some adjustments, but one thing I really need help with, it adding a header image to the header area…is there any way that you can share an easy way to do that on this theme?


  64. neil
    March 9th, 2009
    at 1:05 pm

    Excellent theme!

  65. Lydia
    March 24th, 2009
    at 9:30 am

    This theme is great, thanks so much for taking the time to make it so easy to use.
    Just a quick note- the first step in the set up says
    “Go to Settings > Miscellaneous and enter these values for the Thumbnail size. width=195, height=155. And make sure the “Crop thumbnail…” is checked”
    This is actually now under Settings > Media. That’s version 2.71. Just FYI!

  66. David Foxfire
    March 28th, 2009
    at 11:17 am

    I want to use this theme for a WordPress blog I want to set up, but I have some questions:

    1. What kind of plugins will this site take without any nasty problems?

    2. Would I be able to add a graphics on the header, in place of the text header, and if so, how?

    3. And I assume that changing fonts in the theme is as easy as rooting around in a CSS file.

    Thank you in advance for your time and for answering my questions.

  67. RaiulBaztepo
    March 29th, 2009
    at 7:05 am

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  68. Chri
    April 1st, 2009
    at 11:06 pm


    There’s some problems with the background image not showing in ie. Can you perhaps tell me how to fix this? If it can be fixed..

    Love the theme, and I hope you approve my changes :)

  69. hey..kabayan.:) need some of your info about web..ok lang ba change idea tau sometimes? amateur pa lang ako sa web eh.. email me pag my time ka..thanx.. nice blogs anyway.:)

  70. are you making also a full flash website? what plug-ins do you use? are you using jquery also?

  71. 顶~~~~我叫天龙八部资料站,希望能交个朋友哈!

  72. dino
    April 9th, 2009
    at 1:40 am

    @moises: I can make flash but I’m not doing it. On the otehr hand I love jQuery.

  73. Thank you for giving this themes for free :)

  74. I didnt understand how to get the thumbnails for recent post. Can u explain it more detailed? Like, do i have to insert a 580×215 image into each post for it to work? Or is it “hidden” until it becomes recent posts?

  75. dino
    April 21st, 2009
    at 10:26 pm

    @Chri: The thumbnails are automatically generated. It gets it’s thumbnails cropped from the 580 x 215 lead image.

    You can upload your own thumbnail image if you don’t have a lead image but you have to modify some of the functions of the theme to make it appear on the recent posts. If you need further help on developing your theme, just let me know.

    By the way, I checked out your site and I love the modifications on the design you made with the Una theme.


  76. Donar
    April 27th, 2009
    at 12:17 am


  77. It’s the first time I commented here and I must say you share us genuine, and quality information for bloggers! Good job.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  78. RobertG
    May 5th, 2009
    at 11:01 pm

    It’s a very nice theme, keep going!

  79. It’s a very nice theme, keep going!

  80. Great looking theme! I’m looking forward to seeing more from you in the future…

  81. There is a change:

    Go to Settings > Miscellaneous and enter these values for the Thumbnail size. width=195, height=155. And make sure the “Crop thumbnail…” is checked

    It should be Go to Settings > Media

  82. Hm that sounds good but I would like to know more details.

  83. Your news is a cool stuff man, keep it going.

  84. There is a new program that allows you to create and download WP themes directly from Photoshop (Divine plug-in). It will be interesting to both beginner and advanced WP users.

  85. Great theme, Dino. I use it for my bilingual blog with some slight modifications. If only I could find out how to translate the stuff that`s inside the theme itself (such as the Comments title)…

    Anyway, good job! :-)

  86. Good information to me.

  87. It’s a very nice theme, keep going

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  89. ganda ng design… maaliwalas sa mata…

  90. Manilis ang pagkakagawa. Di tulad ng iba na grabe ang designs.

  91. I like this theme, thanks.

  92. your theme is cool dude

  93. Vitor
    December 18th, 2009
    at 8:21 pm

    The Thumbnail imgages in the recent posts are not appearing in my layout, can you help me. Nice work in the wp-theme!

  94. I love this one. Did you add it to STCFX ? I think they are allowing free theme submission.

  95. Very handsome. thanks you!

  96. Tum
    July 6th, 2010
    at 9:11 pm

    I’ll bookmarked this site and learn more deeply of wordpress. good site.

  97. Good information to me.thanks you!

  98. Thank you for the tutorial. Will you post a fresh HTML tutorial any time soon?

  99. great a theme , very nice design. thank you.

  100. Good theme, i like it, very great design.

  101. Excellent new theme and I hope you approve my changes :)

  102. Very nice.
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  107. Looks pretty good I’ve gotta say..

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